Youtube Video Bounty

Youtube Video Bounty

Get bounty rewards between $10 and $500 by promoting us on social media platforms. We only accept accounts with 250 or more followers and views. Your content should be of high quality with good preparation. The amount of reward depends on the quality, views and popularity of your channel and account. Your reward will be reflected in your $ wallet by reviewing your channel in about 1 week.

For Application :

TRX Wallet Address
Youtube Promotion Video
Reference Url
*Only apply with the registered e-mail in your channel.

Promotion Terms

Your review must be public for the lifetime of our program.
You must have an active deposit.
You can create a subscription in advance to get paid, then get a link from the referral page and use that link for promotion.
Submit your Channel Name, MEtaMiningFarm registered TRX wallet, Review video link.
We do not work with channels with fake viewers.
Payment will be made within one week after content is posted.
The name of the video should be written "".
Video tags must contain #metaminingfarm.
Payments will be made on the specified date if all conditions are met.
Send us your email address, video link, TRX wallet address from the contact form.